Dec 2, 2011

Deck the Halls

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

I love decorating for Christmas. Even when it is just one room, I love bringing in the cheer and joy of the Christmas season. I love the excitement of the boys just at the mere mention of putting up the tree, let alone actually putting it up. I love the patience of Hubby and the boys as I crazily orchestrate the perfect placement of each ornament.

I even love it when Oldest annoyed declares, "Why do you have to have everything match so much?"

Insert Hubby chuckling under his breath now. 

"Oh son...I just do!"

This year I added in some classic green and a dark blue. Thank you to The Mart for selling cheap ornaments.

I added the new ornaments in with the old red and white ones.

Remember these silhouette ones from last year? I will be making a new one for next year.

The new Christmas look is due to the fact that we can hang our stockings in the main room in this house. These stockings were made by my Grandma. She has made every single stocking in my family. Parents, siblings, and now siblings spouses and each new great-grandchild. They are so classically lovely. My boys LOVE them. Mine is over 30 years old. So great!

My Christmas place mats turned into throw pillows sit cozily on the sofa. A little bling on the lamps carried over from last year too.

I also added a strip of gingham fabric for a runner on our coffee table. Then I added our stack of Christmas books. Our boys get a new one every Christmas Eve morning. It's Christmas, David! was our book last year. Pretty sure it describes our boys exactly!

I added my new Cone Christmas trees into the adjoining kitchen.

I have a couple of other projects, but I am not stressing if they do not get done this year. I do not want to spend my whole Christmas season sitting at a sewing machine...

When it is so much better to have a cup of hot chocolate in my hands, snuggling next to Hubby sitting here...

Seriously I just love this time of year. Merry Christmas!

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Melanie said...

SO SO CUTE. Matchy, matchy! LOVE IT!


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