May 18, 2012

How-to Edit Photos Online: PicMonkey

Remember when Picnik went bye-bye? Remember hearing my cry of anguish on April 19th when they shut their "doors"? Remember when I skipped and jumped and hoorah-ed for joy when I found a super fun and equally cool replacement for Picnik?

Well for reals, it all happened.

So like FOREVER ago, I said that I would do a little How-to on my new favorite online photo editing program. Well I finally got my act together and here is my first little intro to PicMonkey.

This site really is amazing. If you don't have a photo editing program on your computer, or you sometimes don't understand all your photo editing program has to offer (ehem...that would be me), this is the place to edit your photos.

Well, heck, this is the place to have lots of fun editing and making tons of fun photo projects. For example, this site is where I made this...

There is so much you can do on this site, but let's start with the simple:

How-to Edit Photos in PicMonkey

First got to PicMonkey.

This is what the main screen looks like:


Click on "Edit your photo".

Pick whichever photo you want to edit.

I picked this Ah-dorable picture of Little. The first thing you will see is this menu for "Basic Edits".

I like to play around with Exposure to make sure that my photo is not too bright OR that it is bright enough. This photo was a little too bright, so I moved the slider under Brightness until it had the look I wanted. Then I click "apply".

Then I went to the color edit. To enhance the color I moved the saturation slider. You can see the orange is a little richer. Then again click apply.

Now the fun BEGINS!

Let's go over to the effects menu. Click on the little potion bottle and start playing. Just click on different effects and just click cancel to try another one.

I went through a couple of effects just to show you the fun things you can do.

My favorite effect is Cross Process with the green undertone.

I played with the Dusk effect.

They have a fun Camera-like section. I LOVE Time Machine.

Daguerreotype was fun. I actually moved the Fade slider a little to have a faint color pop.

Then to kick it up a notch I used the paint option to highlight different parts of the photo to really enhance specific colors...

Then I went more traditional. I picked the black and white option.

The effect was just okay for me.

Then I found the Film Stock effect under Tri-X.


Then I was super happy. So when you find what you like then click "Save" all the way down at the bottom.

Save your newly edited photo to your computer.

Enjoy your new PROfess looking photo.

There is tons of other things you can do in this program. I will put together another tutorial for you soon.


ColleenandKendra said...

I found PicMonkey a while back, probably through you (but I've slept since then so don't remember). I don't edit very many of my pics--mostly due to time vacuums--but love to use it when I do! Great tutorial!

M. Jorgensen said...

I have been using picmonkey since picnik closed too, I love it as well!! Thanks for this tut though, I learned a lot more about the site! Thanks ris!

Julie said...

Wow, that is awesome! Thanks for showing my around, I'm going to use it for sure!! :)

Stockhoff Family said...

Okay, see I still need you to do all the work while hit "save picture as". I love you and miss you guys!!

Andi said...

So, this may be a silly question... but does this site save your photos like shutterfly does? can u make books with photos?
Thanks for the tip - a site that makes it easy is def worth sharing! :)


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