Feb 7, 2013

Heartstopper Valentine's Day T-shirt

I know that I just said how excited I was for the In Love in NYC Valentine's Day tee.

I am pretty much just as excited for this t-shirt.

This was such a fun shirt to design and complete thanks to my handy dandy Silhouette and the very lovely people at Expressions Vinyl, where you can pretty much find vinyl for all your creating dreams!

I had a vision for this shirt from the very beginning. I know that sounds silly, but you guys know what I am talking about.  I know you do the same thing with your projects.

I thought it out in my head. I drew it on paper. I knew I wanted a retro vibe to it. I basically had it all thought out, but I still needed to execute it.

I was so happy when Expressions Vinyl gave me the opportunity to try some of their flocked t-shirt vinyl. Flocked t-shirt vinyl is that awesome fuzzy vinyl. I was so excited because the fuzzy texture totally helped create the retro vibe I wanted for this shirt.

T-shirt vinyl is so cool. It allows you to create your very own pretty legit shirt. Have idea. Have t-shirt. Have t-shirt vinyl. You are set.

I mean for reals people, do you see my Little Man in his heartstopper t-shirt?

Gawh! Love it.

I have said it before, boy's Valentine's shirts can be hard to find. Especially as they get older. I have enjoyed putting my noggin' to work coming up with some ideas for my adorable future Cary Grants.

I used my Silhouette software to create the main EKG image. I wanted the EKG squiggles (yeah I am pretty sure I could have been a nurse) to flat line, implying a heart stopping.

You get it.

My image measured 10" across and 6" tall. The image has to be reversed before cutting it.  The font was Bauhaus 93 and sized at 128.3

Whenever you work with t-shirt vinyl you need to flip the image horizontally so it cuts with the image backwards.

Expressions Vinyl has some great video tutorials showing you how to use their products.

Then peel, place, and iron.

BAM. Instant one-of-a kind Valentine's Day boys' t-shirt.

I know I already said it, but "GAWH!"

The best part...

He was more excited to wear his shirt than I was about making it.

Two down. Two to go.

Have a great day friends!



Unknown said...

Oh, such a great idea! So interesting, it does make its owner to stand out of the crowd. Want to share some tips of how to spend this very day:
Valentine's hint.
By the way, I followed you up with GFC, it'd be great if you follow me back.

Anonymous said...

So fun! And as always, adorable!

Melanie said...

Very very cute!

Lorie said...

So cute! I am so glad I have another boy that will let me dress him up for holidays! The middle school aged boy seems to have grown out of it!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks girls!

Unknown said...

You're killing me with these tshirt ideas! So cute!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Jennifer! You are sweet.

Natalie said...

It is a good thing we are sisters... otherwise, this obsession I have with your children may be considered slightly creepy, if not illegal.

Emily Thompson said...

oh cute! I will pin this to make with my boys when they are older... or maybe next year :o)

I host a Tasteful Tuesday Link Party and I would love for you to join if you get a chance. www.nap-timecreations.com

Unknown said...

That's so cute! Great idea!

aub225 said...

Love this! What font did you use for heartstopper?

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

It is Bauhaus 93.


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