Jul 8, 2013

Face Painting Kit: Funner in the Summer

Reposting this from Thirty Handmade Days Funner in the Summer

I am not sure what is more fun to a kid than painting.

Oh, wait...

That would be face painting.

My boys love to have their faces painted. As I recently found out, most kids love to have their faces painted.

So I thought, what better way to have fun than to come up with a portable Face Painting Kit. 

My Face Painting Kit consists of--

small hand mirror
dixie cups
paint brushes
paint tray
face paints or face paint make-up
baggie of wipes

To make the kit portable, or even to give it as a fun gift, everything can be put into a fun conatiner.

Package it all up. Then you can take some Summer fun where ever you go.

Then the face painting can begin.

Have you seen happier faces?

So much fun in one afternoon.

They proudly displayed their faces the rest of the day. Captain America may have been spotted at a local soccer game. It has also been rumored that a sweet puppy may have cried the hour leading up to washing time because she didn't want to say good bye to her puppy face.

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Adrienne said...

i just made slime this past weekend and my kids loved it...had to go and grab some more glue so i can make green slime for my son the next time we play with it (did purple for my daughter and they shared it). really, really cool and easy to make. we have also tried the kool-aid glue painting which was a big hit cuz we love to paint. thanks for the ideas :-)

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love your Face Painting idea!
The slime looks great too!

Have a great Summer!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Adrienne, so glad your kids liked the slime! I probably should make more this Summer!
Melissa, thanks so much!!!


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