Jul 2, 2013

Washi Knob Magnets How-To

I am slowly, VERY slowly working on my sewing space.

SO slow in fact, this little magnet board and new magnets is all that is done.

I gave a little sneak peek of this project yesterday on Instagram (follow me @larissa_anotherday).

I have had the magnet board forever. However, I did not have any magnets. So my little magazine rip-outs were just taped to the wall.

Enter washi tape, wood cabinet knobs, and magnets.

Now I have some new favorite magnets. They were super easy to make, so I am pretty sure there will be more made soon.

All you need:

wooden cabinet knobs
white spray paint
washi tape
hot glue

I spray painted the knobs white. This part is optional for sure, I wanted the base of the knob to be white.

Once they were dried, they were ready for the washi tape.

I ripped off pieces and laid them from top to bottom. I made sure to match the pattern as best as I could, so it looked almost like fabric over the top.

Make sure to really rub the tape in place.

Then with a sharp exacto knife, go around the edges and cut off the excess.

Smooth down any rough edges.

Then hot glue magnets onto the base of the knob.

Let the glue dry.

Bam, you are done.

Easy peasy.

Now they are ready to hang up all the inspiration my little heart desires.

Man I am gonna need a bigger magnet board!

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Corrie- said...

Super cute! I love the colors of the tape you chose. I passed your how-to along to my pal who's in charge of Super Saturday in November. She's always looking for great projects.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Corrie, I never thought of it for Super Saturday! This is super easy, and you wouldn't have to even spray paint them. That would make them even EASIER!

Corrie- said...

Just thought that these would make a great teacher's gift too, "Thanks for sticking by me". :)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Corrie! That is perfect! Since you are a teacher, I know teachers would like it!


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