Oct 15, 2014

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Fabric Bow Headband

I have been seriously MIA lately. Like someone should be putting my face on a milk carton. I was looking at my posting history over the last couple of months and I almost couldn't believe how little I have existed on my blog.

Don't worry! I mean I know you are worried and all.

I am existing, I am just existing like a chicken with my head cut off. Running here and there. Running everywhere...wait did this just turn into a Dr. Seuss book? Why yes, yes it did. I have been projecting, cooking, costuming, mommaing, driving, cleaning, oh you know the list goes on.

Amidst of some of my to-doing, another item of my Pinterest board got done. Since you know I used to do that whole A Pinteresting Wednesday thing. This week I am bringing it back. I am bringing it back because this Fabric Bow tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous is easy and produces the very cutest little bows ever.

Head on over to get her tutorial.To make some fabric bows I just needed was to find some cute scraps and some headband elastic. I whipped these up like super duper fast. They are just the cutest! THE cutest.

Of course I do not currently have a fabric bow headband wearing child at my house, and I am not announcing the arrival of one. So these sweet little gems went straight to my friend's adorable little baby girl.

Just like that I have crossed something off my Pinterest list. About time too. That list is getting out of control.  I just can't seem to help myself from pinning all the fabulousness out there. This recent dive back to A Pinteresting Wednesday has me excited to cross of more projects and harness more inspiration. Woot!

With Christmas coming, I think I am going to be seeing a lot more of my Gifts For Others pin board. Which of your pin boards is you favorite? Do share. I am always looking for more awesome pin boards to follow!


Melanie said...

These are adorable Larissa! I may just have to put some together for my little lady.

P.S. My favorite pin board is my "Yummy for my sweet tooth" board or my "Yummy and SKINNY" board. Polar opposites, I know. :)

SStockhoff said...

These are really cute!


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