Nov 16, 2014

Playing in the Snow: A Glimpse of Us

The snow has arrived. The weather is pretty chilly. However, I am not sure you are going to hear any complaints from our crazy crew.

While I still rather dislike being cold, these boys we are raising are going to be full blown winter loving kids.

I mean, seriously?! This kid is laying face down in the snow. FACE DOWN!

They all just bundled up and stayed out there for awhile. Only to be joined by me for a quick photo session.

Even Bean got in on the action. This is the first year he is really big enough to go out there with just brother supervision. He loved it. We had to bribe him with hot cocoa to get him to come in. We pretty much had to bribe all of them with hot cocoa.

Pretty sure this snow shovel is three times his size. That didn't stop him from pushing it around the yard.

When they all came in with rosy cheeks and cold noses, they shed all of their winter gear into a giant heap on my kitchen floor. I stood their looking back and forth between the huge mess on my floor and their happy faces. I decided, who the heck cares about the mess. These kids are creating some pretty amazing memories. Memories of time together.

Memories of growing up where it snows.

As a momma, I couldn't ask for more than that.


SStockhoff said...

I can't wait until we see them at Christmas. Aunt Kenzie is not going to believe how big Bean has gotten while she was on her mission. Speaking of...........EEEKKKK!!! She will be home in 5 days! Thanks for all those pictures.

Melanie said...

Ha ha ha....I love it. Your boys are so adorable!


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