Mar 4, 2015

Sticker Decal Art

One of my boys' rooms is a Star Wars themed room. This room has literally been a work in progress since we moved here over three years ago. A big reason for that is the photo wall. My vision was to have a wall full of frames and different kinds of art that were eclectic yet fit into a more big boy Star Wars room. 

I have had THE hardest time finding things I like (that I can afford of course). I have searched. Slowly I am finding things I like. I also find myself thinking outside the box. 

Like this art for instance. 

I was walking around the aisles of The Mart seeking some creative revelation. I do that sometimes. Just walk around a store seeing what screams at me and what project is just waiting to be discovered.  Anyway, I was walking the party aisle and this sticker practically jumped into my cart.

Right away I saw a framed piece of wall art that could be added to the Star Wars photo wall.

I bought the sticker. I scrounged up a frame I had at home and I grabbed a black piece of paper.

How cool is this sticker?! Guys, this was just a couple of bucks. That is crazy.

In less than five minutes I put the whole thing together. After centering the sticker onto black paper, I cut the paper to fit the frame and mat.

Bam. Done. I love how it looks on the wall. I LOVE how easy it was to make.

The key to all of this...think outside the box when it comes to decorating. Who would have thought that a two dollar sticker would look so fabulous in a frame? This gal. Ha!

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

Great idea!

I like the way you put great projects together! =)

Melanie said...

Totally cool! I'm too much "in the box". Thanks for the inspiration to branch out. :)


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