Nov 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Family Table

Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite. I love the turkey. I love the cooking of the turkey. I love gathering together around the table, and I LOVE, love setting that table.

Setting the table is different when there are munchkins around. We very seldom have the need for just a kid's table. So it is a adult/kid combo Thanksgiving table for us. In other words, a family-friendly kids table.

I geek out about stuff like this. In a big way.

I gather what I have. I find a few really fun special pieces, and then I coordinate everything around that.

This year the big special winner, winner uh turkey dinner, were these turkey napkins. I mean really?!?! Everything coordinates with this little gobbler napkin.

Since I have a color coordinating and pattern obsession I always get two different plates. This year I went with a solid and a polka dot.  I also pretty much died when I found these wood orange patterned utensils.

It all went so well with my little nappy napkins.

Good news is that these napkins also had matching paper place mats.

I gathered the little crayon pails from last years Thanksgiving Table filled them new crayons and put them by each kid setting.

One of the things I love about doing this kind of Thanksgiving table is that there is a good mix of disposable and non disposable dishes. For me that is white dishes for the adults and paper products for the kids.

Oh and don't forget the mason jars. I always have to use mason jars. Seriously, they are the best drinking glasses.

I figured the adults probably wouldn't want wooden utensils, so the adults get actual silverware. I had this idea to put them in these bright goody bags. They ended up being the perfect size for a little utensil pocket. I didn't give the adults the turkey napkins. I matured it up a bit by using white cloth napkins. I set the utensils on top of the napkin.

I wrote the kids' names on the craft paper that was running in the middle of the table for their place setting. The paper didn't run by the adult table settings so I came up with this simple name place "card". I bought some simple little vases, filled them with coordinating candy and then tied a tag around it.

I went REALLY simple with a center piece. I spray-painted some pine cones and threw in a pumpkin.

P.S. spray painting pine cones is really, really hard. Worth it, but man it took several coats.

The foundation for my whole table was a simple piece of white fabric. Notice that I didn't say tablecloth. It is literally a piece of fabric I put on top of the table. See that really cute orange fabric? Again, I just laid it right over the top of the table. Then I added in a piece of craft paper.

Nothing could be easier. Trust me.

Now we are all set for Thanksgiving. No joke. This has been set up for days and is just waiting for all that food on Thanksgiving. Good thing we have a kitchen island to eat at.

Supply List:

turkey napkins: Target
turkey place mats: Target
paper plates: Zurchers
wooden utensils: Zurchers
candy cups: Zurchers
paper straws: Zurchers
pails: Zurchers
goody bag: Zurchers
craft paper: Hobby Lobby
fabric: JoAnn Fabric

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Hope your holiday is fabulous.

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SStockhoff said...

Ahhhhmazing! I am just hoping to find my placemats! I wish we lived closer sweet daughter of mine. ������


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