Nov 18, 2015

UPlifting Evening Invitation: YWIE

I said this post was coming, but I fibbed a little about how soon I was going to have it up. I may have said tomorrow when I meant in a week...hehehe.

I shared my UPlifting YWIE last week. This is the invitation I made to go out for it. Today I am going to show how you can customize this invitation for your own event.

I also am showing how I like to package up my invites. One of my favorite ways to hand out invites is using these sweet patterned goodie bags. I bought mine at Zurchers.

I always have some cute washi tape on hand and I use it to close up the baggy envelopes.

I print out invites on card stock because it holds up better.

Now they are all ready to hand out.

Here is the blank invite image that I made using PicMonkey.

If you liked the idea of an UPlifting YWIE and want to have an UPlifting evening of your own, you can use this image for invites for your event.

You need to right click and save the image onto your computer.

I use PicMonkey for the majority of my photo editing and image creating. I highly recommend using it for all of your projects. The basic edits are free, but the Royale membership is pretty cheap and totally worth it and you have access to even more.

Once you download the jpeg for this invite, you can head over to PicMonkey to customize it. On the main page you choose the edit function and then open your photo.

The photo opened in the program will look like this.

Click on the Tt to open the fonts. I used Lato for the ward name, the "please join us on" and the place, time, and the "for an". I had the font at size 100. I showed below about where I moved all the words to.

Next I used the font Coffeebreak. This font is a Royale font only available if you have the membership. However, there are lots of fun script fonts that are free. I used this font for the year, the title "Young Women in Excellence", the date, and later the "lifting" part of UPlifting. The font size was 213.

Next I used Arial Black for UP. I changed the font color to white and I made the size a lot bigger.

Now I went back to coffeebreak and I added the "lifting" in white. Last I went back to Lato, kept it in all caps and typed out EVENING.

So that is the easy peasy way to customize your own invites using this background and PicMonkey. Using PicMonkey is addicting and can make invites, hand outs, and posters so cute.

Hope this simple how-to was helpful.

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