Dec 3, 2015

My Classic Santa Christmas Tree

During the first Christmas in this house almost 4 years ago, it became a little apparent to me that we needed to redo our Christmas tree. The decorations I had done the previous year went with the decorations of our first house. Another factor was that we now had a fireplace in our main living space. In our first house, our family room didn't have a mantel to hang up our stockings.

And why does that matter?

Well I love our stockings. LOVE. Up until moving into this house I had never coordinated them with my Christmas decorations. Now I could. They are very classic, and a bit vintage like. They are in bright classic Christmas colors. They were lovingly knitted by my Grandma. Basically, they are perfect.

So my Christmas tree needed to match. I call it my Classic Santa Christmas Tree.

Every year I add just a few more decorations and switch out old ones. I chose to stay with classic colors. There is a lot of red and white with additions of green and blue.

This year, one of the new sets of ornaments are these plaster trees. I got them after Thanksgiving at Michaels. They were SUPER cheap. All I had to do to make them match the tree is to paint them. So easy.

There are a few things on my tree that I will be really sad the day they are too old to use. This gingham tree topper is one. I adore this. First, it is gingham. So glory be. Second, it coordinates with my tree perfectly and I searched for years to find it. So don't ever die gingham star!

This year I also added these vintage looking candy canes that I found at Target.

Another of my favorite ornament/filler to use is paper party products. Last year I started using these paper medallions.

This year I added these honeycomb balls. These especially are perfect fillers for blank spaces in my tree. I don't even hang them, I just shove them on in. I love the texture and dimension they add to my tree.

By this point, you might be questioning the fact that I call this a Santa tree. I promise there are Santas. These are from Target a few years ago.

I also have some vintage inspired ones.

This year I added these cuties. I found them in the Target dollar spot. They are actually gift card holders, but don't they make amazing ornaments. When I see stuff like this, I just have to grab it.

I love my tree. I don't plan on changing it at all for years and years. I know sometimes it is the "IN" thing to have a new tree every year, but I just can't seem to justify that. I also frankly don't want to. I love my tree. My kids have started telling me though that it might be getting too full of decorations. HA! TOO full?! What's that even mean???


SStockhoff said...

It is a beautiful tree and so totally YOU! I love it!

Melanie said...

Super fun!


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