Jan 28, 2016

Double Chocolate Oreo Skillet Brownies

We are almost done with the first month of the year, which means that you have in all likelihood earned yourself a cheat day. A whole month of sticking to your New Year's Resolution calls for a celebration of sorts.

A brownie celebration to be exact. When I want to celebrate, I always do so with brownies. So basically I am saying that you should probably too.

Since I am recommending a cheat day, I would suggest you do it with these Double Chocolate Oreo Skillet Brownies.

This is the kind of dessert that is SO easy to make you can basically just throw it together. Bake it. Slap some ice cream on top, and eat. Heck you can even forgo the plates and just dig in family style to the skillet's itself.

Plate. Skillet. Either way, it is delicious. In fact, Oldest informed me, "If Heaven had a taste, it would taste like these."

Can't argue with that son. Can't argue with that.

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