Apr 12, 2016

You Are Gonna Do FANTAstic Tags

Every one needs a little pep talk once in awhile. They especially need it when they have a big event coming up.

In the last several months I have had quite of few beautiful young ladies I know taking college entrance exams. Do you remember those days? Were you cool, calm and collected? Or were you like me...a hot mess?

I wanted to cheer my girls on, so I made these FANTAstic tags and attached them to, you guessed it a colorful bottle of Fanta soda.

I made four different colors to coordinate with four different flavors of Fanta. You can download your very own sheet of good luck tags. Just click on the link below.

Download HERE

I know have a small stock pile of Fanta soda in my food storage just waiting for a moment to wish someone good luck. When the times comes, I can just print off a sheet of tags, cut them out, and tie them to the bottles with a scrap of fabric or yarn.

I am sure this "magic" Fanta good luck gave them the mental power they needed to ace their exams. In short, I am sure they did FANTAstic.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors today, and have a FANTAstic day!

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