Dec 16, 2016

Teacher Christmas Gift- Lunch Elf

Yesterday I posted on Instagram (@larissa_anotherday) about my Christmas teacher gift and I have had several people ask for the printable. So I decided to post about it and offer the printable.

This is an easy Christmas teacher gift, AND word on the street is that teachers LOVE it. Bring your favorite teachers lunch for a Christmas present. I have learned that one of the things that stress teachers out is having to figure out what is for lunch. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to deal with it either.

So the Christmas Lunch Elf to the rescue.

Here is the run down.

First find out what their favorite lunch restaurant is (or just pick an sandwich type place). Then download and print off these Teacher Christmas Lunch Elf printable.

After you print out the Tag, print off a lunch menu from their restaurant and attach it to the back. One year I went to a sandwich place that had paper order forms already. This year I went online and was able to print off one for one restaurant, but I had to make one for the other restaurant.

I drop off the order form the day before early, so that I can get it back that afternoon. I am kind of lucky because the school secretary lives by me so she just brings them to me. Then the next day I go and pick up the lunches, add in a dessert and drink, and then I take it to them. 

This really is such an EASY teacher Christmas gift. The only planning is making sure restaurants are open in time to get the teachers their lunch, since often teachers have earlier lunches.

Now you are all set. This really is a teacher Christmas gift that can be given every year. 

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