Apr 12, 2017

Simple Lego Star Wars Party

This is a super fun and simple Lego Star Wars birthday party. Simple decoration and simple colors tie it all together.

I found these amazing Lego Star Wars prints from Pixelated Plus. They went with the color scheme I was using. I started with black and white and added light saber red, blue, and green.

I went really simple for this party.

Besides the posters the biggest wow factor was this giant number eight balloon. I love that you can buy fun number and letter balloons now.

We didn't have a lot of party guests, so I was able to make each guest an "I am with the resistance" tee. I made them in the red, blue, and green. I also found bubble wands in the right colors and turned them into light sabers.

Each place setting had a coordinating color plate too.

The food was one of the most fun parts of this party. There is all sort of inspiration for Star Wars party food out there. I used some of those ideas and I came up with some of my own. I also made my own tags using PicMonkey.

My boys' favorite idea were these Obi Wan Ka-Wiwis (Kiwis). I may or may not have giggled for quite a bit after I came up with it.

Everything else was pretty basic. Hutt Dogs.

Jello Carbonite.

Luke, I am your WATER.

This juice was pretty hilarious too.

Rock Candy made perfect light sabers.

My favorite treat were probably these Death Star cupcakes. They are simple chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. The Death Stars are Oreos dipped in melting chocolate and piped with royal icing. I LOVED how they turned out.

The party games consisted of light saber tag using these pool noodle light sabers. We also built paper droids. Then we battled a pinata Darth Vader with a large dowel painted like a light saber.

We gave these buckets filled with treats for our thank yous. I had originally planned to cut out storm trooper faces from vinyl and put them on the buckets, but homegirl ran into a snag with my Silhouette and I didn't have time to fix it. Whatcha gonna do. Like Elsa, you are going to let it go.

This was my second party in three days. I was so glad when it was over. So grateful The Hubs puts up with my party planning ways. I enjoy it so much and I love the creative outlet throwing parties allows me to have.

My boys are getting older and I am throwing less and less birthday parties, so I am really happy when I do get to throw a party.

Where I got my party supplies:

Star Wars Lego posters-- Pixelated Plus
banners-- Michaels
paper products, balloons, cupcake wrappers, candy-- Zurchers Party Store
wrapping paper table runner-- Hobby Lobby

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Michelle J. said...

All these ideas are do-able, and it looks perfect and crisp. Thanks for sharing!


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