Feb 17, 2008

Mission Completed

We have been to the moon and back. Cole's party has come and gone and was a complete success. All the kids came and started the party going to Space School. Here they learned a little about the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets. They were so cute sitting in their little chairs. They each got a folder which had a chart inside of tasks they needed to pass off for astronaut training. Space school was where they got their first stickers.

Next came the fitness part, because we all know astronauts need to have healthy bodies. They lifted weights to see how strong they were, they did jumping jacks to test their hearts, and they stretched to make sure they were flexible. They got a sticker for each one. After they were done they got there space utility belt.

After that we learned about how to listen and communicate by playing "astronaut says". Most of them did well, some even always listened to the astronaut. After this they got their walkie talkies.

Alien recognition was next. Here they had to use their binoculars to find little aliens hiding on our wall. They all did great here.

Next was time to load on all of the astronaut gear. We added a helmet and jet pack to the utility belt.

All dressed and ready to go they each got to go into the rocket and count down to blast off. After a short "ride" through space, we opened the rocket door and walked down the rocket stairs (okay our basement stairs) and found we were on the moon. "Space" (black plastic tableclothes) was everywhere and stars hung above our heads. Here they got to hunt for furry aliens and kick moon rocks. PLUS they got a special moonrover (my jogging stroller) ride from Spencer.

Everyone came back to earth for rocket cake and alien ice cream balls. Who wouldn't? After this of course was presents where Cole came away with some really awesome stuff.

At the end of the party everyone got their space goodie bag and a certificate of completion, declaring them an official astronaut.

I had so much fun planning and putting together this party. It truly brings me so much joy to do this, and the outcome and Cole's enjoyment was all worth the work. Hope you enjoy the slide show, I wish I could show you every detail because it all was so cute, but I figured that would cross the line of obsession and bragging. Sorry there are no pictures of space, they didn't turn out that well since it was well space and that made it dark!


Nyree said...

Okay.. back at ya! YOU are the cutest mom. Look at this amazing party! You always come up with the cutest things. This is something I would think of doing but NEVER have the guts or creative juice to actually accomplish! Way cool!

Holly Wilcox said...

So cool!!!! You need to post this on birthdaypartyideas.com

Stockhoff Family said...

I have to say, I was here at the party and I have never been more impressed and greatful that I grt to be your Mom. I love you Larissa

tara said...

happy birthday buddy! i'd sing to you, but i'm not sure if your readers would appreciate such torture. about the birthday extrabaganza/gala...i have two words for you--dang! holy cow, you really need to live by me so you can be my event planner/decorator/scrapbook guru...the list goes on. well done, dude. well done

ohiolanges said...

Happy Birthday Larissa!!

You deserve a vacation for your birthday! I wish I could give you one!

The party was awesome! Tanner is still talking about it!

You are awesome!

Stockhoff Family said...

Rissy, well it is hard to believe that it was just a mere 28 years ago that you made your early entrance into the world. I'm still wondering how they tracked the doctor down as he jogged around Klamath Falls. I love you tons, you are definitely an over-achiever and I'm tired just thinking about all you did. Thanks for choosing me to be your dad, and I too am very grateful for you. Love you, and I hope you had a good day. Viva Las Vegas


Mindy and Benjamin said...

You are just too much Larissa! It all looks so incredible. You make Martha Stewart look like an amateur. PS-I hope you had a wonderful birthday, sorry for being a junky friend...i will have to call you soon!


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