Feb 25, 2008

We Might Be 80

SO last night after putting the boys to bed, at about 7:15 in the pm, Spence and I went and lay (ps I am not sure the correct grammatical choice for that lay, laid, etc.) down on our bed for a little chat. No sooner had the chat started then we both started drifting off to sleep. I remember thinking, "I better no be falling asleep, because that would be super lame." The next thing I remember after that is Spencer waking me up at a quarter to nine saying that we should probably get under the covers. THAT's right we basically went to bed at 7:30. LAME. The extra lame thing is that when Jack woke up this morning at 6 I still didn't want to get up with him, so I popped his binkie back in and went back to bed for another hour. SO YES everyone we slept 12 hours. My sister Natalie says that everyone needs a good 12 hours sleep from time to time...I am not sure if she was just mollifying me or if she was justifying it because her and my sister Kenzie just did that like a week ago! So now I should be fully rested. FINALLY!


Nyree said...

I agree with your sister, sometimes a great snooze is very needed and definitely deserved from time to time!

tara said...

newsflash...you're 80. ha ha. actually, your little story is probably not as sad as one of mine. when we were on vacation in utah, i might have turned down the volume on my cell phone and given it to luke instead of getting him out of the port a crib at 6 am. sad, i know, but the best part is that he called my brother at 5 washington time. awesome


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