Mar 10, 2008


So for any of you that read in Cole's blog that we were supposedly going to have Blizzard 08, and that I called the weather people a bunch of drama queens...well okay we really did have Blizzard 08. It pretty much snowed from Friday through Saturday night. When all was said and done we had 20 + inches of snow. It was some kind of record...I won't mention that I think it is ridiculous to get snow when it should start getting all nice, but anyway.

Saturday afternoon we took both boys out. This was Jack's first time to really get to play in the snow. Both Spencer and I figured that he wouldn't care for it much, but we were totally wrong. HE LOVED it. The snow was deep enough that we just dropped him in and he could "stand" there held in place by all the snow. He loved playing in the snow. He also loved to go on the sled with mom and Cole with dad pulling us down the "hill" in our back yard. We had so much fun. I think the only reason that we ended up going inside was because I was freezing.

Family fun snow day.


Holly Wilcox said...

That is funny- "we just plopped him down and he stuck in the snow."
Great photos! I love your top 10.
You are hilarious! I can't believe you went running in the sludge!
Oh and we're ready for grass too. It was fun- but Elanor is sick of tromping around in the snow to play.

Dave Dyk said...

Great photos! I'm jealous that you actually get snow where you live. We only get teased with snow here. But, I can imagine getting sick of having snow and cold weather all the time too. I also love your top 10. Those close-ups are the best!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Riss, I love these are missing though! Knock on wood, we are supposed to be in the 70s this week. Love you!

JasonDebbie said...

At least it gets cold there! I get so sick of it being 85 degrees when its the beginning of march--and sometimes february. The constant warmness gets so old after awhile. But then again, I remember when I lived in utah,complaining around this time that it should be getting warmer and stop snowing. So I guess everyone has something they'd want to change about the weather where they are!


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