Mar 15, 2008

Spencer, I love you

Well, baby here I am just thinking about you and with every thought I am reminded how lucky and blessed I am.

You make me happy. I feel safe and secure just at the thought of "us". I hope to never take you for granted, and yet I realize as I am writing this, I already have, and I probably will at some point in the future--hey at least I am being honest!

So here is a little reminder, a "shout out" if you will, about some of the reasons that I will love you, always.

1. you always tell me that I am beautiful

2. you are an awesome dad

3. you don't mind a dinner of rice and peas

4. you will excitedly look at my scrapbook pages

5. you are my own personal piano player

6. you willingly snuggled in a full size bed for 6 1/2 years

7. you always hold my hand, whether clammy or dry

8. you make 9:00 candy runs

9. you like to go grocery shopping with me

10. you think that Hollywood is too skinny

11. you listen to "thunderstruck"

12. you listen to me complain, vent, gossip, even late at night

13. you will just hug me for as long as I need it

14. you are a hard worker

15. you always end a phone call with "love you"

16. you play hide-and-seek with the boys

17. you like to stay in and just veg

18. you are a rigtheous man

19. you are patient

20. you love me, and I know it because you tell me

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