Jul 14, 2008

And That's A Wrap!

Cole is officially done with his very first season of an organized sport. T-ball was sure a blast. We will take away many great memories. Mostly of Cole getting bored halfway through and asking to be done, or him telling us that he was a crazy mad batter, or the time he yelled at his coach for picking him up and moving him. I love every second of it. I was sad to have it suddenly over and to realize that I may not see a lot of these people again.

We had awesome coaches who understood that these kids were just four. They let them learn and have fun without trying to make mini all stars out of them.

His last game was cancelled because of thunderstorms, but the team got together for a little party. Cole was so excited about his trophy. The team mom even put together little baseball theme treat baskets and a tiny scrapbook for each player. Super cute. What a fun time of life we are starting to transition into.

P.S. Cole came home and told us that the reason they gave him so many things tonight was because they thought he was an awesome baseball player.

Next, here comes soccer!

Cole and His Team--The Cubs


Benjamin Swanson said...

Well, I just have to post to tell you what a dork my husband is. He was looking at the last picture and he goes, "Spencer has a goatee?". Now he claims he was only kidding, cause he totally knows that wasn't Goo. Yeah right. Anyway, way to go Cole! We can't believe you're so old already.

Mindy and Benjamin said...

oh man, then i messed up and did that last post logged in as him...oh well.

Dave Dyk said...

How fun. He looks so proud of his trophy and should be! Way to go, Cole!

tara said...

dude, i totally haven't thought about that sweet routine (and my subsequent crush on your brother because of it...wow, i was a nutjob) forever. you're right, though, i totally do think of it everytime i hear that song. as to why we're not famous? no idea, but i'm pretty sure i should be turning down loads of offers. love ya dude

Celeste said...

How dang cute! I'm glad they made it fun, instead of pushing them too hard! Isn't it so crazy how you feel watching your kids do these kinds of things! So, so proud.


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