Jul 7, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

"Happy Fourth of July?" is what you are probably saying. Shouldn't the blog be titled "Jack Tries to Punt an Ugly goose"? Well, sure if you want to get technical. SO here is the explanation...We went to Andy and Melissa's in Kentucky for the 4th. This was when we were at the park having our picnic. Well of course there was a lake, so of course there were geese and ducks. There were picnickers and food, so of course there were geese and ducks. We didn't plan to feed them, but Cole and Melissa decided that they could find some tiny morsels to feed them. At first there were just a couple, but then they came in droves. We ran out of bread and were feeding them cheese, Cheetos, and grapes. Most of the geese/ducks were very appreciative of our offerings and they kept a respectful distance. HOWEVER, there were two of the ugliest ducks/geese ever, and there were not afraid to come right up to us. They not only were ugly, but they were mean. They kept hissing and the feathers on top of their heads would spike up. Well, they were getting too close to my kids so I decided to start kicking at them. No I didn't actually make contact. I just wanted to scare them. They didn't really take the hint to well, so I kept trying. All of the sudden I look over and Jack is totally trying to kick them too. We all bust up laughing. He would get up close, swing one leg back and then let it fly towards them. It was awesome, and the highlight of the park. Don't worry that didn't scare them either. Spencer actually ended up chasing them with a golf club down to the lake. Good times!

Here is a short "er" report of our fourth with Andy and Melissa. After our picnic we went back to their house, which is just about the cutest thing! We had dinner, which was awesome. Melissa had this recipe from a restaurant in Utah and it was just about the most awesome thing...you should ask Andy about the "sauce". That night we decided to forgo the big show and went to one of their friends house for a little firework show of our own. Cole was still a little leery, as you can see from the picture, but by the end he would hold a sparkler. We were so proud of him for being so brave! Jack was only slightly impressed. He would stand and watched but soon grew bored and opted for playing in the car...I know not safe! We were glad that we didn't go to the big show because we got home, had the kids in bed, and then right when the show would have been going on, it started down pouring.

Cole, not a fan of the noise

Patriotic Jack, a little bored

Brave Cole and Mom

Step back Uncle Andy!

The whole trip was so much fun. We were sad to leave. Thanks Andy and Melissa!


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I am glad you had as much fun as we did! That picture of Jack is a gem!

JasonDebbie said...

You are a hot mom!

Celeste said...

I agree, you are looking awesome! I way proud of cole too. Kylee is now 7 and finally not so scared of things. Logan loved the loud fireworks. Isn't that weird. And your house looks great. Doesn't if feel good to get something new! Don't feel bad about the 2 1/2 years, it took me three to do my girls room!

tara said...

why do you get to look so awesome and i'm just getting fatter? here's to 9 months of nothing to wear. anywho, the kids are adorable. that picture of cole in the chair makes him look like he's 15, just in case you're wondering. crazy time warp. the punting...awesome

Stockhoff Family said...

Way to go Jack!!!! Love you guys, Mom and Dad

Dave Dyk said...

Looks like you all had so much fun on the 4th. And yes, you look amazing as always!


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