Sep 22, 2008

Team Ice

It is soccer season in the Zitzman household. Cole has been asking us for awhile to play and finally he is old enough. If you can't find him in the team picture, he is in the top, second from the right.

He really likes soccer, but he is still getting adjusted to all that running. He does really well, and doesn't ever ask to stop (or fake an injury like his mom did around this age). Saturday was his first two games, yes he had two in a morning. It was a crazy day. He had pictures at 8:15 and then his first game at 9:00 and then his second game at 11:00. I will admit that by the second game he was all too happy to rotate his turn off the field. Cole is one of a handful who has never played before, but is learning really quickly. He even stopped a goal when he was goalie. It is cute to watch the chaos of new players. Many times the ball was lost from vision, being surrounded my a lot of tiny feet.

I couldn't get a lot of pictures of the actual game, parents can only get so close, and I was missing the mega lenses some of the parents had. Seriously it looked like they were shooting for a sports magazine. But I did get some before and after the games. Cole says eventually he is going to coach soccer, that is after he plays all the other sports first.

Cole kicking the ball onto the field during before game practice

Cole reenacting his goalie time

Coles object of most excitement: Snacks!


Melanie said...

Yeah....looks like a lot of fun. I bet he slept really well Saturday night.

"Excuse you have a soccer camp that runs all year long? And can they play two games every week?"

Jenny said...

So cute! We really want to get Ali into soccer and she keeps asking us when she can. You have to be at least 4, right? She will love it and I will love the fact that she can run off some excess energy! Oh, to have the energy of a child (sigh)...

Amanda said...

hey! it's amanda and ben. Love your blog! I need your help to make mine cute! Check us out

JasonDebbie said...

Kaitlyn is starting soccer and is so excited, I can't wait to see all the kids running around in chaos trying to kick the ball. Ours doesnt start until january though since its still 100 degrees outside.


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