Jan 5, 2009

Some Jack Devotion

Just thought I would send a little blog love to Jack. He has really gotten big lately. His vocabulary is insane. I love hearing him talk. Sometimes I forget he is just two. He has the greatest smile, and of course those eyes.

He is a daddy's boy, which doesn't make me jealous at all. It is really endearing. He loves cars, dinosaurs, Blue's Clue's, oranges, yogurt, and play fighting. Hence this hilarious picture of him holding up Cole. Thank you Santa for the Nerf gun.

He loves to play with Cole and really loves trying to do whatever Cole does...he said that included going to the potty like Cole. Well, after many weeks hesitation I finally started the "training" today. We got the candy jar ready, the potty seat ready, all the pull-ups you think you would need, and then forfeited the pants all day. Let's just say this is one thing I am not sure Jack really wants to do just like Cole yet. This may have been a one day try and bomb. He pooped three separate times in the pull up, and we have not had one minuscule success yet...but hey it is only 4:30 pm.

That's okay, he has plenty of time...and it wouldn't be fair if he was a genius at everything, right?

I love you Jack.


Corey and Jenessa said...

It amazes me how big he has gotten. I still have pictures on my camera, holding him when he was first born. In fact...I think that was the last time I was out at your house. Anyway, I love you!

Stockhoff Family said...

I love love love it. Is it awful that I think he looks so cute holding up a gun? I love you lady...


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