Apr 21, 2009

I Just Need Time/Money/Skills

In a brief moment of silence (one kid downstairs/one napping/one being rocked by Richelle), I was coupon hunting and decided to splurge on some blog stalking time. I came across The Purl Bee. How cute and quaint some people are! I really wish I were one of them...but I decided I wanted to accomplish one of her projects...I can do it!

Check out this tutorial on little boys ties. I will let you know how it goes...now in reality don't expect this anytime soon. I lose all my helper bees tomorrow. However, a project often gives me an outlet for all the crazies, so maybe it will happen sooner than I think.


Holly Wilcox said...

oh wow. That is an adorable blog. I love searching for ideas too and imagine doing them all (if I had all the time in the world.)
I was just looking at chairs people re-covered. Now I've got to get dinner finished!

ohiolanges said...

One year for Father's Day - our YW (in another ward) made those ties for all the YM and bishopric. It was a great project in the end - but when I saw them - a little feeling of dread crept into my heart. I hate to iron.

Your boys will look dapper. As usual.

Stockhoff Family said...

Holy cuteness... I love that tie. I have full confidence that you will make them. I love you lady. Love, Nat

Jenny said...

So cute! You can do it cause you've got mad skilz..plus, you always find the time to craft...even when you are 10 months preggo, sick as a dog, and taking care of 2 sick kids! Oh and I forgot...good luck with that spencer-ed up sewing machine (lol)


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