Apr 18, 2009

Our 3 Boys

With Richelle here, we are taking advantage of her glorious Costco card (was we also did when my mom was here...I know we should just get our own membership already) to print off some pictures.

Going through pictures always takes me down a nostalgic memory lane. So because I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about my boys you get to see a picture of each as a baby. Lucky you! Let me just say nothing reminds you of how precious time really is until you go back and realize how much your kids have grown!




tara said...

that picture of cole is awesome...priceless. and that new kid, beautiful. well done, mommy

Holly Wilcox said...

I clicked on your blog and saw the photo before reading anything and thought, "Wow. Case looks so much like Cole!" Then I started reading the post.

ColleenandKendra said...

I'm gonna say that Case looks a lot like Grampa Z. there! Awww...they are all so precious.

The Gilbert Family said...

I love those first pictures of babies. They are so innocent and beautiful and quiet. I have many favorites when the kids grow up but those first few days are close to number 1 on my list.


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