May 5, 2009

Makes Tough Days Worth It

I am barely getting showered these days...a first with motherhood. I am witnessing a lot more sibling fighting these days. I am getting less sleep, less organization, and less sanity these days.
My house is not clean. My tummy is still flabby. My list of to-do's just keeps getting longer. I am only rotating between four outfits. My knee is not working so well.

BUT I have great friends who take care of me.

AND there are lots of moments that make it all worthwhile. This was one of them:


Abbie said...

When Ryan was born, I felt like I was barely getting through the days. One day when a lightbulb burned out I almost cried because it seemed like more than I could handle to go get a new one and screw it in. Life here has already gotten better and it will for you also, especially when you start getting more sleep. Good luck until that day!

The Brugger Bunch said...

Hang in there my friend, it TOTALLY gets better! You are a great mama, and truthfully if all those things were getting done you would have SuperHuman" strength! I remember after my son was born thinking that if I was able to shower by the end of the day, than it was a good day, lol! We love you!

Keri said...

5 stars for you girl. Youre doing just fine. dont be so hard on yourself. Life is just hard anytime you bring a new baby home especialy when you have 2 others running a muck. I swear I was the most uptight, structured, clean freak on this planet before my third arrived. Wow i have learned so much this past year. This year is about change. its about everyone and this new baby adjusting, not your house, and not your life long goals. Just survivethis year and then you will hav room to stretch and breath.

A favorite quote of mine
"The dirty dishees will always be there, but your kids wont"

Soon they will be all grown up and yu'll miss this time. I was in your shoes a year ago and I cant believe i survived my year with a 3 year old, 1 year old, and a colicy newborn, but you know its all about letting go, not sweating the small stuff, and roll with the punches. Ax long as the light sockets are covered who cares what the kids do. Another word of andvice. GO GET YOURSELF A TRANSITION OUTFIT. HECK GET A COUPLE! it wont go to waste you just tuck it away so you can feel pretty not only now but your next post-prego. When you feel put together and pretty so does the rest of your day. DO IT GIRL!!!

love ya, Keri

Keri said...

Oh and I totally agree...gazzing at your child sleeping is purely a "Mothers Fuel" That pic is too precious.

Melanie said...

It's those few, rare moments that make it all worth it. Thank goodness for them!

Nyree said...

I know it's hard to think it's okay at times but leave the cleaning behind and enjoy your boys! I felt so worn out with three little ones almost four and under but now when I look back- I miss those days so much! Little ones are so fun & precious. If youre like me having a child in school isn't exactly stress relieving as it is sad. It just means it's the start of their whole life in the outside world and missing them too much. So enjoy every moment with them all home till the fall. It will never be the same again! (Good and bad I guess) Good thing you have a great husband who can help relieve the stress till then! youre an awesome mom

Holly Wilcox said...

Does your knee have problems after every pregnancy?
That's tough. Just dealing with everything else is enough, so I hope if feels better soon.


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