May 15, 2009

Time to Get Out

We got out for a much needed trip on Wednesday. We went to our zoo. I managed to work out, make lunches and get me and all three kids ready by 9:30! I was pretty proud of myself.

The boys really enjoyed the zoo. Cole took it on hyper drive, running from thing to thing. Jack was mesmerized by everything and wanted to take his time. Case was snuggled up in a carrier and slept the entire four hours!

Here are some pictures of my favorite moment. We took the boys on the carousel (because they wanted to). Both started out happy...but only too soon did that change. Cole became terrified quickly and my friend Jenny had to lift him off mid ride and hold him the rest of the time. Jack was note as terrified and just kept repeating, "too scary, too fast". Finally I had to lift him off and put him in the bench beside me. My poor boys.

Happy Boys on Stationary Ponies

Cole Freaking Out On Moving Pony

Jenny Saves the Day

Jack Freaking Out on Moving Pony

Bench Saves the Day

On a side note...Cole wanted to get right back on after it was done because it wasn't that scary.


JasonDebbie said...

that face is priceless! A picture you'll love to look at years from now when he's older.:)

Amy said...

great pics...thats really funny.

The Brugger Bunch said...

Oh honey! What a sweet little face, darn it! Poor little guy! Larissa you are truly amazing! Getting ready that early is an amazing feat in itself! I sure love you!

Keri said...

You Go Girl! looks like your starting to find your new groove and getting out for some fresh air. Im proud of you. I know the work it takes to get three kids out the door and to exercise on top of it man one step ahead of me. keep up the good work and keep going forward never look back. make a plan and don't think twice. way to go.

Stockhoff Family said...

Cole = best cry face ever.


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