Sep 9, 2009

First Day

Yesterday Cole started Kindergarten. To answer the most obvious questions--he did marvelous and I didn't cry...much. Here is a little photo journal of his first day...the parts that I could witness.

Our morning routine works so well we were ready 1 hour early.

Here he is waiting patiently

Backpack on. Family ready to walk him to school.

Handsome kindergartner poses for mom's mandatory picture

Walking to school

He'll still let me hold his hand...when will that end?

Waiting outside classroom for bell to tell him he can go in...he is starting to look a little nervous.

He finds a spot at a table...I have to leave him soon...sigh

1 hour passes

2nd hour passes

3rd hour passes

So excited after his first day of school plus he gets to ride the bus home.

I know officially have a kindergartner. What a fun new stage of mommyhood. I can't wait to see all the stuff he'll do as the year goes on.


Ben said...

Love the fact that he's rockin' the front tuck. I don't think I did that until high school. They grow up so fast...

tara said...

wow...i'm not gonna lie, i got a little choked up just in anticipation of this day. oh goodness. well done, little mommy. you really are an inspiration. i'll admit, i'm mostly just jealous, but i'm trying to be inspired. you rule

ColleenandKendra said...

Can't believe he is old enough for school. He looks absolutely darling. Good job, Mom. You sent a well-adjusted happy little guy to school for the first time!

Keri said...

wow can you believe your baby is in school. is it all day kindergarten? Tyler started the pre-K program this week too. And with him even going to pre-school last year I still find myself in tears after the drop off. Ive been walking ty to school all week and I too would glance at him holding my hand and thought how badly I dont want this to ever end. its hard have little boys that will soon grow up into macho men. my only wish is that they will think its cool to always love their mommy thats my wish. im sure your too.

JasonDebbie said...

My preschooler wont let me hold his hand most of the time now....(tear). I think I'll be one of those mom's who tries to get their teenager to kiss them goodbye and is really embarassing! :)

Karen said...

Oh boy, it's a whole new world now. Buckle your seatbelts, it will be a fun ride! You know, I see Courtney almost every morning as she walks her kindergartner to school with her two others in tow. It's pretty cool that we're all the same age now, isn't it????? :)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Glad you survived it...I am sure it's alot harder for the Mom that it is for the kid! He is a pretty handsome school boy.

Stockhoff Family said...

Way to go Cole - you are such a big dude now. We hope the rest of our week went well. We love you, and your mom isn't too bad either. Love from Hillsboro! On a side note, it was an eventful day for us too - Aunt MacKenzie started her last year of school - Holla!

Nana and Gramps

Dave Dyk said...

Yay! What fun to look at the photos from his first day!


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