Sep 7, 2009


Today was the day before Cole's first day of kindergarten. We had a trial run of getting ready this morning. Everything went pretty smooth except I still can't get Cole to eat breakfast in a timely manner...sigh.

OK on to the FUN. I had a friend give her daughter a princess party dinner the night before her first day of school. I thought that was an awesome idea but then I realized I had a boy and he would not like a princess party. BUT he would like a superhero lunch. So like many of my party adventures, out of a little notion was born a whole lot of party fun.

Everything was so low key. We invited a couple of boys who are starting school tomorrow too. Thanks to a stockpile of craft supplies and budget-friendly Wal-Mart I whipped out some capes and eye masks for our education superheroes. I spent just a smidge on paper products in superhero colors to help decorate the table. Then my sister and I busted out some "bang", "smack", "crunch", etc signs. Add some lunch goodies and you have one awesome Superhero Back To School Lunch and one fun new tradition.


ColleenandKendra said...

Tell Cole we are thinking of him on his first day of school! I'll think of you, too, Mom. Got your tissues handy?

Holly Wilcox said...

So fun! Cole looks really excited.
Thank goodness for craft stockpiles, huh.

Yes. Elanor has all day K. 9-4. Really long, late day.

Karen said...

I can just imagine you and Natalie having a blast planning it all. Way to go, Supermom!

Jenny said...

hats off to you super-mom. Once again, you have left me feeling inadequate, lackluster, and unoriginal...what's new?


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