Nov 2, 2009

Na-Nu Na-Nu

This year's Halloween came from one lone inspiration--an episode of Blue's Clues where Steve dressed up like an Alien with an attached UFO. Saw it a year ago and pistons firing ever since. Cole would be the alien, Jack an astronaut, and baby to be (obviously didn't know what we were having last year) would be a shooting star.

Ironically enough, the only costume that didn't turn out great was the alien...too many construction problems for too novice a sewer. Still, my boys looked pretty cute and we had a great Halloween (even though here they do it two nights before and call it Beggars Night...LAME-O).

Here is a little run down of Trick-or-Treating...

Spencer had to work
Hot gluing costumes minutes before leaving
Jack made it to one house then stayed in wagon rest of the time
Cole took off Alien head 5 houses in
I put it on
Cole took off Alien hands 6 houses in
I did not put them on
Cole now looks like a green hill beside a race track
Case had hacking cough
Case fell asleep in sling
Jack wanted a sucker
Jack lost his sucker
Jack wanted another one
I gave him another one
I asked Cole to ask for candy for Jack at every house
Cole got candy for Jack at almost every house
I found out at almost last house Cole was just asking for another piece of candy...not stating it was for his brother.
Whew we were done
Oh no...Case threw up all over the place.
Clean Case up
Go home
Go to sleep...
for 2 weeks.

if you are curious, yes I already have ideas for next year...hahaha


Melanie said...

:) What a super fun night! I remember the days when Rob had to work EVERY holiday. What fun.

Michelle said...

I cannot believe how crafty you still are even with three boys! Those costumes look GREAT! (Although the actually trick-or-treating sounded exhausting!) And the Blue Clue's party looked awesome. You are my hero, seriously. What a fun mom!

ColleenandKendra said...

Oh, the comment about the green hill above a race track had me laughing out loud! Where is the picture of you with the alien head on? Must see that one.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

The cosutmes turned out great. Cute boys!

tara said...

i wasn't wondering...i already knew you would have ideas for the coming year--ideas for rubbing your friends' faces in the dirt with all your creative wonder.
ps the whole asking for another piece of candy-hilarious. and luke also took the wagon from sofi, but andy proceeded to wheel him up to every front door.

Nicole&Nate said...

The boys look cute! Hayden was an astronaut too (although I purchased the costume). On to planning Thanksgiving, eh! This is our first away from our family, it will be interesting since I do not have near the work ethic or creativity that you have.

Nyree said...

okay.. Case is just yummy! I could eat him.

Jenny said...

Oh how I wish I could post pics..because I've got a special one of one particular "frog" mommy that is killer. Also, I think you left a couple things out of your run down like:
Mom makes comment to Jack that makes it seem like the other mom she's with is her life partner


many people stop mom to tell her what an awesome frog costume she has on

Amber said...

Cute costumes. Trick-or-Treating sounded tiring!


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