Dec 1, 2009


Need I say more.  Okay, so I still will. I am grateful to have had family here. Grateful for their love and support. I am grateful for this holiday season and what it implies. I am grateful that the turkey was done and ready pretty much on time. Grateful my hubby had some extra days off. I am grateful he let me decorate the table in a non-efficient-for-eating way. Grateful for all the extras that we have. Grateful. Wow am I grateful.

PS take a little time to check out the mugs of my cute boys in the above pic!

my table setting, I sure love it


Amy said...

Holy Cow, look how big and CUTE Case is. Your table setting is beautiful. Wouldn't match the paper products we used very well.

Stockhoff Family said...

I noticed Mr. Jack right away - at least I assume that was Jack making the awesome face. It brought a smile to this old guy's face. We definitely have much to be grateful for, and your table looked great Rissy. See you in a few days!


tara said...

i sure love your table setting as well. just about as much as i love you and your ever happy blog. way to bring in the holidays, riss. i hope you have a fabulous christmas and all is well for you and those little dudes or yours.

Amanda said...

It looks beautiful!


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