Dec 7, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

Oh Christmas decorations, how I am grateful for you. You are really the only holiday decorations we have ever had. So remember how grateful I am for you even if my love has now run dry.

I have seen these decorations for 8 years and boy do they need some sprucing up. My original tastes have changed a bit. In fact, I left quite a few of our decorations in the box and sent them back downstairs. I had grand intentions of crafting some stuff up this year, but alas I am still WAY behind on doing the felt food project.

So our house may just look a little like Christmas this year, but that is okay. My crafty plans, well I can write them down and create another year.

Besides, our house may look less like Christmas this year...BUT we still have the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts and home, and I know it is cliche, but that is really what is most important.


Stockhoff Family said...

Good Gril! I am with you though on the whole taste change thing. I didn't even put out half of the stuff and may be just trashing it before next year. Love you

Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously, does spelling always have to bite me in the tush! See above


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