Jan 26, 2010

Valentine How-to #2: L.O.V.E. Banner

Before I start I realized I didn't take as many pictures of the how-to process (What not enough pictures??? You mean the mass amounts with this post is actually not all that could have been posted?? Crazy you say...or think...yes I know), so hopefully the written how-to will be plenty explanatory...

Alright let's get to it...

2nd how-to- L.O.V.E. Banner


1 yard of cheap heavy white muslin
felt in four valentiney colors
coordinating thread
red/pink belting buy on spool
letters printed, from your favorite font, in a large size, and then cut out to make stencils I used Pupcat font

Measure and cut out 8-10x9 rectangles from the white muslin, and pair together to make 4 pairs.

Print out the letters to stencil. Cut out and use for patterns to trace. Trace each letter on a different color of valentine felt (remembering to trace your pattern backwards so the letter will be facing the right side when you cut it out).

Cut out each letter and pin it to one piece of muslin from each pair. Sew each letter on to it's piece of muslin in coordinating color of thread.

Once all the letters are sewn on, pin the letter piece of muslin, right sides facing, to it's muslin pair. Sew around the edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a 3-4 inch hole in the top of your letter panel (top here because your belting will cover it). Once you have all your panels for the banner sewn, turn them out. Make sure to iron each panel to make sure that it lays nicely.

Measure you belting to match where and how you would like it to hang. Once you have the length that will work for your desired place of display, fold that in half and mark with a pin. Since that will be the middle you need to place your letter panels, with top of panel under the belting, equally on either side.  My panels were 2 inches a part. Pin each panel in place.

After you have pinned each panel, sew the belting to each panel by starting at the right top the L, sewing over the top, including the space where there is no panel, then going back over the bottom of the belting towards your starting point, you will not sew past each end panel. If you want you can sew a loop at the ends of the belting for hanging, or you can measure it long enough to tie. I made loops so that I could pin my banner up.

Now just hang it up. Be creative, this can be done for practically any fun occasion with any fun material.

Just for kick and giggles...here is just one of the things my boys have been found doing while I sew. Gotta love it...boy were they lucky I had more tape.

Tomorrow- XOXO Pillow


Lorie said...

I love it!!!

Jessica said...

What is it with 6 year old boys and tape? My boy does the same thing. LOL

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That is so pretty! I just clicked over from 4 Crazy Kings. Your blog is beautiful!


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