Apr 21, 2010

A Community Coming Together to Fight Cancer

No recipe today, for there are much more important things going on.

I am so honored to be living in this community. I feel privileged to walk among spectacular people. People who serve. People who love. People who give. People who fight.

People who love these people--

We love these two people because at any given moment in time they have served, loved, gave, and fought for each of us. 

Now unfortunately in the face of tragedy, we get to give back just a fraction of what they have given us.

Jay and Susan Williams are in a battle. A battle no one wants them to be in. A couple weeks ago it was discovered that Jay had colon cancer. These two unbelievably spectacular people have had  to hear news no one wants to hear. They have had to face a surgery for Jay. They have had to sell their house. They have had to schedule treatment. They have had to plan to move so that Jay can get treatment. 

On top of all this, in order to move and pay for treatment, they are selling almost all they have... I literally mean almost all...and that will still be short of meeting a weighty deductible.

Now enter a community of people who have been loved by these two people and want to give back.

The community and the Williams' children are hosting a benefit tomorrow. 

The Jay Williams Cancer Benefit Auction
Friday, April 23 rd , 5:30-8:00 pm
Theron Drive @ Preston Trails
Parking at Diley Middle School

If you live in our community, please make an effort to come and be prepared to donate something, anything for this family.

If you do not live in our community, but would like to join a bigger community of people supporting this family, please go here

2 Dad's Blog

Read their words. Feel their faith. Pray for them. Help them. Donate.

I love this family. There are some people who leave an imprint on your soul. Jay and Susan are those people. My life is better for knowing them. To repay what they have done for me is impossible, but I will do anything I can to add to the serving, loving, giving, and fighting taking place in their behalf.

Today I hope my little spot in the blogosphere can help me help them.

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Amanda said...

I love this post. Looking forward to it. by the way, why are you bloggimg at 1 am and why am I commenting at 3? oh yes, because we're parents :)


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