Jul 16, 2010

Modern Family Tree

As I was typing the title, I was reminded of my favorite TV show right now, Modern Family. Boy do I HEART that show. Seriously, thank heavens for DVR so that I can have whatever episode I want to watch on hand when I need a good gut busting, tear-inducing laugh.

Sorry I digress. This post is supposed to be about my homemade gift idea...although not homemade, I am pretty sure a season of Modern Family would be a good gift...again I digress!

Okay so one of my FAVORITE gifts to give is a family tree. ANY kind of family tree. It is one of those gifts that can be sentimental and stylish at the same time. Here is my latest family tree project. 

Modern Family Tree

It is pretty easy to make this, just takes a little patience with the drawing and then cutting out of the tree shape.

You will need:
art canvas, your desired size
spray paint
freezer paper
tree image

I found an image online for a tree shape I liked. I searched google images to find one. There are so many places to find an image you like.

Draw your image on a sheet of freezer paper that will cover your canvas. I free handed the stencil for my image, based off of the image I printed off. You could totally take your image and blow up the image at a photo copy shop...I was too lazy to actually go to one.

Once I was done, I outlined it with a black marker, to see it better.

Then I used an exacto knife and started cutting the whole thing out. This is the part that takes some patience intermixed with candy breaks.

I also printed off the year that the "tree" started...aka the year we got married. Traced it onto freezer paper and then cut out the individual numbers.

Using a dry, low heat iron, iron on your tree stencil and your numbers. Once they are in place, you can start spray painting.

Start with a light coat. Then follow up with additional coats until coverage is complete.

Now, make sure your stencil is good and attached OR this might happen...

But don't panic, with a paint brush, some more patience, some more candy, and a little bit of this...

You get this...

Lovely. The perfect stylish and sentimental gift.

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Lauren said...

This is a cute idea!

And I love love love Modern Family!

A Curious Fox

mle said...

You had me at Modern Family!
LOVE your project : )

Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

This is too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

such a great project, and I love Modern Family as well, so funny! I saw you over at Tatertots.

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

LOVE this!! Turned out lovely...and I love the color choice :)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love your tree! Great colors and graphic design.

Kami said...

Great job. i have been thinking about making something like this. Maybe adding some leaves with people in the families names.

Mandy England said...

This is such a cute idea! And now it's on my to-do list . . . when I ever find the time! :]

Noble Vintage said...

Also a Modern Family fan! :) LOVE the family tree. I think it would make a great wedding gift for a couple- super cute.

Elise Engh said...

I really like this idea! And using spray paint is genius. That makes it easy.

Amanda said...

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