Sep 29, 2010

Halloween Costumes

It is that time of year. The time that months and months of planning and sketching and designing all are supposed to come to fruition.

Halloween Costume Time!

I have the theme for my little men's costume set in my mind for months...but don't worry I always wait for October to roll around until I finally get them together.

I love pulling together costumes. They are always a mixture of store bought, hand made, glued, sewn, help from someone else, and recycled. 

Here is what I have started for this year. Can you guess what the family theme is this year?

Here are some themes we have done in the past.

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat
Monkey: store bought
Man in Yellow Hat: craft foam (before I found the glory of felt), sewing genius of best friends's mom

Batman and Robin
Walmart sweats and t-shirts, heat and bond, and some sewing

Shooting Star 

that went with

Alien and Astronaut
Sewing, Walmart sweats, hotglue, foam, spray paint...oh you name it I used it.

I love themed Halloweens and unique costumes. My favorite was Batman and Robin. What have been your favorite costumes? I would love to see or hear about them.

Now back to sewing I go!


rabbit said...
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rabbit said...

this year is definitely toy story - i'd recognize woody's shirt and vest combo anywhere! great idea! (one i've often thought about for myself!

Kate said...

I think Woody is going to look awesome!

The Leishman Family said...

Where did you get the yellow shirt for your woody costume? My little boy LOVES Toy Story & I would love to do a similar idea. Thanks!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So cute! I love how you turn plain old sweats into amazing costumes... you rock!

Taylor said...

Oh I love that you just drew the lines onto that shirt. I was looking for cow material to sew up a vest but now that I see yours it dawned on me that I have white and black felt! Duh! We happened across an authentic woody shirt at the thrift shop and with the recent toy story obsession we decided to run with it! We were going to do woody buzz and jessy but the boys both wanted to be woody, so we will have two woodys and a jessy LOL. I'm sure the streets will be filled with cow girls and boys!

Unknown said...

Hi, Larissa! I didn't realize you were such a famous blogger! I love your boys' costumes! My favorite that I've done was Chaela's first-ever Halloween. She was a princess. I blogged about it here:
Sorry, I'm not savvy enough to make it into an actual link!
The post right before it talks about the process a lot more, but this one has pictures of the finished product.


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