Sep 18, 2010

National Eat an Apple Day

I don't need a national holiday to give me an excuse to eat an apple...especially apples as yummy as these.

Well, I guess because it is a holiday I will eat two.

So find your local apple orchard and pick yourself some apples (my most favorite-est fall activity).

Then have yourself an apple or two...

After all, today is National Eat an Apple Day.


Sara said...

Are you serious...National Eat an Apple Day??? For real? Cool. I love sinking my teeth into a fresh-off-the-tree apple. They're pretty much done around here tho.

Emily McMarrow said...

I love apples. If I had to have one food for the rest of my life, apples would be it.

VickiT said...

Oh this is my favorite time of the year too. I really miss taking my kids to the orchard now that they are bigger. That was a family tradition I started with my firstborn when he went to the orchard his first time at 2 weeks of age.


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