Sep 7, 2010

Who? What? Me???

You guys!!!!! You are all AH-mazing. Did you see that over there? No, over there on the side bar? See it?

500 followers...CRAZY. 

No not you guys are crazy, but that it is crazy my little spot in the blogosphere has more than my mom, mother-in-law, hubby, some family members I guilt into it, and friends I pay by watching their kids, reading it.


Even though this blog sometimes sends me to the grocery store rushing down the aisle to buy the last of the Pepto, I am grateful for an outlet to create. I am grateful for the people I have met through blogging. I am grateful for the time you guys take to say hi. 

Basically I am grateful to all of you.

So today, thanks to you, I can go with a smile on my face back to my giant getting-ready-for-Hawaii-To-Do-List (I know boohoo, right?).


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

That is so awesome! Way to go girl :)

Libbie said...

What would we do without all your fabulous ideas!!!! So the thanks goes to you!

Stockhoff Family said...

Way to go Rissy! As your old guy dad I can barely get to the blog let alone do what you do. You definitely got the talent from your mom, because all I passed along to you was the "pull my finger" trick. You have a good time in Hawaii and remember us less fortunate folks enduring the early rains in the great northwest. Love you sister!


Unknown said...

Larissa- I'm so glad you found me (or my cake stands that is) because now I found you. Your site rocks and I just made it 503 followers! I'm so excited to come back for more paradise! :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

congrats on 500+ followers! and the Hawaii trip! I'm jealous. We went once, during one of the biggest storms they'd had in awhile. Power out-nothing open=miserable trip. Plus i was pregnant with Sadie. lol! I'm sure yours will be much better! :D

Abbie said...


Erin A said...

Yay! Congrats that's great!! You deserve it. :)

Have a great weekend!



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