Dec 17, 2010

Little Man Winter Hat Tutorial

Every Little Man needs a rockin' hat to keep his head warm and toasty. Tired of the same old plain $1 beanie you find at The Mart? Sad because you don't know how/don't have the time to knit an awesome one yourself?

Well friend, this tutorial is for you.

Simply take yourself to The Mart or any other place that sells these for a buck or two.

Gather your fabric paint, freezer paper, old t-shirts,  and embroidery floss...

Decide what you want on your tough guy's hat. I picked a skull and a random number.

Trace those onto the paper side of freezer paper.

Cut out your shape with a razor blade/exacto knife. Then iron on your stencil where you would like it. Keep in mind to leave room at the bottom for your t shirt strips.

Paint. I use Tulip permanent fabric paint. Apply a couple of coats. Allow paint to sit for about 30 minutes. Remove stencil, carefully since your hat will stretch. Then let your hats dry for the recommended time (about 4 hours).

Cut strips from your t shirts, mine ranged from 1/2 to 1 inch.

Once your paint has dried. Pin and sew your strips on. To help the whole rough and tough look, use a variety of stitches and let it get a little wonky. As you sew, stretch your hat slightly so as to not loose the stretch of the knit. I also bought an adult sized for my boys, but their heads are huge. I would just recommend buying the hat a little big.

Continue to add rough touches by stitching on x's or straight stitches with coordinating embroidery floss. The more random the better. 

Now plunk it down on your Little Man's noggin'.

And you will find they can be cool and warm at the same time...hehehe.

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Jessica said...

These turned out great! I love how you embellished them to make each more personal. Great idea!

ellzabelle said...

I love these so much! Great idea, need to make for my son. Will post link on my blog at Ellen said...

Wow, those came out WAY cute! I love this idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

These hats are awesome! I love this tutorial. I'd like to try a version for my daughter. Thanks!

Jessica said...

love these hats! Especially the skull

seemesew84 said...

I love this! I will feature it on the 30th!

LauraV said...

I am making that skull hat for me! So cute.


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