Dec 5, 2010

My New Christmas Look

Traditionally we put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Nope not this year.
This year I didn't even have the tree up December 1st. Lame.
It is up now and let's just say it makes my heart happy.

This year I changed our same old decor theme. It has been around since our first year of marriage nine years ago. I was done with the gingerbread and gingham theme.

Enter my red white and greenish/blue heaven.

my "no Silhouette needed" wall art secret coming soon 
and p.s. those pillows are $3 place mats. SWEET.

Since I can't go and buy all new ornaments I used some old red ones, bought some new ones SUPER cheap, and made the rest.

I will have ornament tutorials AND some other really cheap decorating tricks this week.


Belinda said...

Oh, how nice!!! It's always fun to change your Christmas decor. Love those pillows!!

Natalie said...

I hate you... Okay, I love you but seriously woman. It looks just as great as you had described it to me. The pillows make my heart happy and everyone loves a little ball o' yarn :)
Love your guts,

Nyree said...

Looks wonderful my dear! I also added a bit of bluish-green to my Christmas this year. I'm really loving that color at all times of the year. Keep the beautimous ideas comin'

Unknown said...

what great decorations--i particularly love the felt accents...and the words on the perfect! thanks for coming by my place. i am going to have a browse around here for a while

Jessica said...

I love the pillows! Those are really cute. I can't believe they were placemats.
My Christmas colors have always been red and white and I love the touch of blue in yours. So pretty!

Tasha said...

I love all of it!!! Beautiful. Christmas trees make me happy too.


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