Oct 5, 2011

Adventure is Out There

This last weekend we went down to Utah to visit with family. Hubby's brother lives minutes away from the Up House. Have you heard of it???

Seriously, it is a house that was built for a Parade of Homes. They constructed it to look exactly like the Up House. I mean EXACTLY.

They boys were SO excited to see it. Of course they would like to live in it...I mean what little kid wouldn't??
The home is open pretty much all day and they are super sweet to let people gawk at the house's awesomeness. I am sure they mostly get gawkers, but we are appreciative gawkers!

The details of the outside of the house ah-mazed me.

They even had the mailbox.

Do you think there are any snipes close by?

The inside was decorated beautifully. The rooms that could be seen in the movie were painstakingly duplicated. The rooms that weren't were decorated in similar style, sticking to the theme but still modern.

My favorite room...

The kitchen. I L.O.V.E everything about it. The appliance though were my favorite.

I know I should have taken more pictures, but there was a part of me that was worried I wasn't supposed to take them and that the barely adult adolescent hired to babysit the house while visitors came through was going to get all up in my grill if I took too many pictures.

So I only quickly took a couple of pictures. I didn't take any pictures of the recognizable rooms because they were all within reach of said babysitter.

However, there was a baby's room upstairs with this familiar mural.


Seriously the whole house was so beautiful. If you live in Utah and are close, I highly recommend taking a trip to go and see this house. If you are going to visit, put it on your to-do.  If you are a grandma or grandpa and are looking for a house to buy that will make your grandchildren declare you the favorite forever and EVER, this one is a winner.

I bow down to the creative builders of this house.

HERE and HERE are some links I found with info about this beautiful house! Hope you enjoy looking at this house, we sure did!

Adventure is out there!!


Tasha said...

Where in Utah is it at? We are actually going in a couple of weeks for a BYU game. My boys would be in heaven seeing this! I wonder if we can squeeze it in. That is seriously AMAZING. I showed my husband the first picture and he said "That looks like the Up House" It made me laugh that he even knew that.

Hayley said...

Oh my gosh. That is SO cool. I want to go to there.

Natalie said...

That house is awesome and I'm positive me, K and our pillow chums would look amazing living in that house. However, I will say my absolute fave thing of this whole post: Jack's hair. Love that kid.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Tasha-It is in Herriman. I think the address is in the second link. Or you can just google the UP house in Utah.

Nyree said...

My friend lives right by this as well. So super fun!! Ummmm, you in Utah? Booger!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love in Utah and still haven't made it to the Up house... I gotta go see it.


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