Oct 1, 2011


Littlest LOVES to color. He has really gotten skilled at it as of late. He is so patient. He will even stay in the lines. I mean look at his little tongue and his face in complete concentration!

There has been another recent development in his coloring.

He will start with one hand. Color for a a little bit...

...then he will make the switch to his other hand, AND just as skillfully color with the other one.

He does this during the whole coloring process. He just will go back and forth using each hand just as well as the previous.

I know it is WAY to early to tell if he is ambidextrous, but hey I am pretty impressed with his skills. Okay and his cute face kind of melts my heart too.


http://thankfullga447 said...

So adorable, my granddaughter takes her drawing very serious and she stays within the lines, children are so smart today.

Amanda said...

cutie boy! AND, I haven't seen that chair, which means I haven't seen that table, which means you should post some more pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! and wow, ambidextrous he just might be! Thats awesome!



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