Jun 10, 2012

In a Nutshell: Baseball Season

Baseball season has started. Oldest is playing after a long hiatus from the sport. Middle is playing for the first time. Oldest is playing machine pitch and Middle is rocking the tee.

The league is pretty low-key. As you can see my boys don't even have baseball pants or hats...although I probably should invest in a baseball cap for those sunny days.

Baseball is always a fun thing to do in the Summer. Hopefully they will continue to learn a thing or two about the sport.

And maybe Oldest will start to open his eyes while batting. His method does work part of the time though.

We are also hoping that the weather will attempt to feel like Summer and that blankets will not always have to be worn in the dug out.

However, no matter what I am pretty sure both boys will have a good time.



And running some more.

All of course while this one looks on and waits for his day at bat.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Man, you just have to love baseball season! I think it is still my favorite sport to watch the kids play. Can't decide which is cuter the "closed eye" technique or the "tongue in cheek" one when it comes to batting. :)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

oops sorry its Nana


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