Jun 13, 2012

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Frayed Cut-Off Shorts

Do you have a wild, running willy-nilly, noise-maker, knee scrapping, jean ripping, bundle of energy?

Also known as a Little Man...

Well it is no secret that I have three said Little Men and one teeny tiny Little Man in training. So it is not surprising that I have a whole pile of jeans missing some much needed fabric around the knees. 

I tell you what, I am getting tired of seeing my boys walk in with yet again another hole in the knee.

Not sure why I kept them because jeans are hard to repair and still have look nice. But kept them I did.

How happy was I when I came across this tutorial on Make it and and Love It

So happy!

I immediately pinned it to my Project To-do Board.

I went from a couple of pairs of ratty-tatty jeans to a couple of sweet pair of frayed cut-offs


I mean it.

All I had to do was cut off the end of the jeans, making sure the holes were gone. Then I ran a stitch around the end 1/4" up from the frayed end. Then I threw the shorts in the washer and the dryer to get the fray going. To finish them off I just cut off the long strings.

Then I put them on the coolest eight-year-old I know.

He is still my rough and tumble, knee-scrapping Little Man.

However, now he is rockin' a pretty stylish pair of frayed cut-off shorts instead of a ratty pair of jeans.

Yup he is pretty gosh darn cute.

Happy Pinning everyone!


M. Jorgensen said...

Oh. My. Heck!! Kole is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.in those pics! He is going to be one stylin heartbreaker! Sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

well isn't he just too cool for school :) I want to try these with khakis but I'm nervous about the final look

Jessica Ayala said...

He is so cute! We are big fans of the cut-off, especially since my 3-year old grows out of jeans in like 3.8 seconds.

Melle@featheredruffles.com said...

I lived in cut offs in the summer when I was a teen/pre-teen. They were what all the *cool kids* wore.
Made my 12 yr old kidlet his first pair a few days ago. He looked at them and looked at me.

I don't know if he'll wear them or not. I may have to hide all his other shorts to force the issue. LOL!


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