Dec 10, 2012

On Hold for Croup

Our getting-ready-for-the-holidays-schedule has been put on hold due to a not so welcome bout of croup traveling through our house.

Oldest had it at the beginning of the week. Since he is eight, life was able to go pretty much as scheduled. Then when Middle got it, at least it was Saturday night and Sunday because Hubby was home to split the duties. 

Then when I had to leave church on Sunday because Bean very quickly went from seemingly well to croupy in 30 minutes, life went on hold. Poor little babies just can't hold illness as well. The symptoms came on quickly and our happiest of happy babies was lethargic and miserable. It was rather heartbreaking.

We took both Middle and Bean in to see the doctor yesterday. Middle has croup and strep. Bean has croup and an ear infection. They both got some meds. At the doctors Bean had a little bit of an episode that had the doctor saying if the medicine didn't work I would probably have to take him to the ER. 

Not what these Momma ears wanted to hear.

She also said that I basically had to watch him all night.

She also reminded us that with croup, if he is having an episode we needed to bundle him up, take him outside, and let him breath in the cold air. We were aware of this remedy thanks to all of the breathing problems Oldest has had.

So last night he had a couple of trips outside. He slept in my arms for a bit and in his swing next to my bed for a bit. He needs lots of love and attention. So that is what he is getting.

So our life might be on hold for a couple of days while he gets better. 

I hope your home is germ free and that you are able to enjoy all the holiday festivities around you.

I will announce the winner of the Cutting Edge Giveaway tomorrow!!


Alayna said...

I am so sorry! My now 7 year old had croup about 2 dozen times by the time he was 3. Almost every cold he had turned to croup. I hope your little guys start feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

hope the little one gets to feeling better!! It's no fun having sick babies!

Stockhoff Family said...

Oh hon, that picture is so cute and heartbreaking at the same time. Give them lots of loves from us!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

I hope your whole family feels better very soon! its no fun being sick.. =(

Amanda said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! Praying you all feel better soon!

ColleenandKendra said...

Praying for no ER trips and a quick recovery for all. :-(


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