Jan 9, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Rice Heating Bags

Welcome back to A Pinteresting Wednesday, where I share something I accomplish from one of my pin boards. You know whittle the project list down one at at time...we won't mention that I add to my pin boards daily....oops. Pinterest how I love thee.

It has been awhile, but now my friends A Pinteresting Wednesday returns.

For Christmas I was really struggling with what to make for my boys' teachers. I try really hard to think outside the box for teacher gifts. 

Almost right away I recalled V&CO's tutorial for making a rice bag feet warmer. That brilliant girl is always good for an fantastic project.

Thanks to her tutorial, I was able to make a lovely stack of Rice Heating Bags for all the teachers.

I was gently reminded that Hubby had been asking me to make him one FOREVER. I feigned apologetic and pretended to yet again forget about it.

Bwahahaha...but I had other plans.

I actually made one for Hubby for Christmas too. He was really rather pleasantly surprised.

He has also been more than generous in sharing it. He is such a gentleman.

A ladies toes can get ever so chilly.

One of the great things about this specific tutorial is that there is a rice bag AND there is a cover. This way the outside cover can be washed if necessary. The cover can even be changed if you grow weary of it.

The cover simply slips off the plain rice bag.

Then it slips right back on. After warming it up in the microwave for a few minutes I am ready...

...to grab my current favorite book...

...cover my chilly, yet lady-like toes and settle down for a little fanny time on the couch.

I would not be surprised if I made more of these very soon.

I would love for you to visit my Pinterest boards and follow along with the pinning adventure.

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