Feb 22, 2013

Fun with the Kids Friday: Kool-Aid Glue Painting

Last Day!

I had some bored kids recently pacing back and forth, ranting and raving, and altogether being rather unpleasant.

I think we have grown weary of winter...and by think I mean know.

We were actually seeing some of the grass and then it snowed. Oh grass, it was nice to see you for awhile.

So our recent answer to being stir crazy was some painting fun.

What made it so fun you ask?

Uh first...Kool-Aid.


Combine one Kool-Aid packet and a bottle of glue and you have sticky, colorful, wonderful smelling paint.

Then after some stirring and lid replacing, it turns into the one of the most fun painting mediums ever.

Plus it also is an excellent answer to the stir-crazies.

Just roll up the sleeves, put on T-shirt Painters Smock, and start squeezing the Kool-Aid glue all over a giant piece of poster board.

Sometimes it takes so much concentration, one's tongue involuntarily must stick out.

This was a great activity for a stuck-in-the-house afternoon.

I will say that while all the boys enjoyed it, my almost four year old enjoyed it the most. He started first and ended last. Then he went back later...gasp ... smock-less and ended up covered in Kool-Aid glue paint.

I couldn't be mad, he was having fun, being creative, and had this look on his face.

Kool-Aid Painting passed the test. Good fun had by all.


The Allen Family said...

Fabulous idea!! My boys would just love this! Thank you so much!! (probably overdid the exclamation points, haha)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I love over exclamation! Let's me know you are really happy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I over exclamation point all the time! Haha this is a neat idea, would never have thought to put kool-aid into glue! Haha passing this one on to friends with kiddos!

Amy @ Swag On, Momma! said...

Awesome. I love seeing kids doing art projects and being creative! (That's the nerdy at teacher in me.) Good job, momma!

Unknown said...

This looks seriously fun! Our boys are almost the same age! My little guy wears glasses, too. I love it!

Emily @ The Benson Street said...

Ok. So much fun! I love that cute picture of your little boy with the glasses and his tongue sticking out. SOO CUTE!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Such a great idea..and I need some this time of year for the kiddos for sure! Pinning this!

Emily said...

I will DEFINITELY be using this idea! Great idea!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks girlies!!!!

cre8ivesky said...

My boys will LOVE this! Something that even my little guy can do. Awesome idea!

Adrienne said...

just did this with my kids and they LOVED it and we all loved the kool-aid smell :-) gonna share this on facebook cuz it's such a great idea...thanks!


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