Jun 27, 2013

Face Painting Kit: Funner in the Summer

Today I am over at Thirty Handmade Days
for Mique's Funner in the Summer Series.

I am sharing a fun Face Painting Kit idea.
My boys had so much fun with the face paint, it was a great 
way to have fun on a Summer afternoon.

Go on by and check it out.


Larissa said...

Please, never, NEVER craft paints on the face! You can get very inexpensive “mom” kits from Snazaroo.us, or even buy Snazaroo at Michaels or other craft stores. There’s no need to use something that can endanger children or cause an allergic reaction. Craft paints are not made for use on the face or near eyes. Please use only FDA-compliant face paint MAKEUP for this! Please! I’ve been a professional face painter for 10 years, and “information” like this makes me frightened and sad.

For more info:

Cindy the Face Painter said...

Craft products are made for crafts, not skin. Non-toxic means safe to eat, not safe to put on your skin -- a jalapeno pepper is non-toxic, but would you rub it on your kid's skin? PLEASE, just buy professional face paints. You can get the "home version" (Snazaroo) at Michaels. It's cheap and at least it won't hurt your kids or give them a horrible red allergy rash!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks to both of you for your information.

My children had absolutely no reaction whatsoever. I only had it on very temporarily. However, I appreciate your input. That is good to know for the future.

I will make a note of it when I re-post.

Cindy the Face Painter said...

Before I became a professional face painter, my daughter was painted twice with acrylic craft paints. Both times, she had a reaction. The first time, it was a red, itchy spot, and I thought it was because the paint was pulling at her skin (it becomes "plasticky" as it dries) and causing her discomfort. The second time, I realized it was an allergic reaction -- her skin got inflamed, red, bumpy, and her cheek looked awful for several days. I'm glad YOUR children didn't react, but remember than many kids will leave this on for hours or days (yes, DAYS) and the longer it sits, the more likely a reaction is to occur. Sealing the skin so tightly (acrylic paint doesn't "breathe") just isn't a good idea, especially in hot, humid weather. Covering a face with acrylic paint like you did could even possibly cause a child to get heat stress. I know that your intentions are good -- but please, recommend face painting MAKE-UP, not PAINT. Thank you for listening! :D


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