Jun 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift: Master of the Grill

Hi friends! I feel like it has been while since I have shown my face around here.

Summer is in full swing and that means crazy, full-steam-ahead, jam-packed schedules. I basically don't know which way is up. By the end of the day (which of course is later during the Summer), I plop myself, exhausted, on the couch and I sit there pretending I am not asleep.

So that is why I am not around as much.

But I am here today to share number three of number four Father's Day Gifts idea. I already shared a World's Best Pop and a CAMP Be Beat gift idea.

Today I have a Master of the Grill Father's Day Gift idea for you.

I mean what dad doesn't love to cook raw meat over an open flame? It is kind of a tale as old as time.

Man. Meat. Flame.

For this Master of the Grill gift, first I made an apron.

I bought a simple apron from a craft store. I found a basic grill image and then traced it onto freezer paper. Then I cut the image out and used it as a stencil to paint on the image with black fabric paint. I used iron on adhesive and white jersey fabric for the letters. I figured the phrase I Turn Grills On  was very fitting for my oh-so-studly Hubby.

To the grilling apron I added a few new grilling utensils, some fancy BBQ sauces from a local specialty store,  a set of vintage looking condiment bottles and then I put them all in a Summery container.

I was planning on making a printable to attach to my gift, but then the heavens opened and the Grilling Gods led me to this very appropriate and quite manly meat DAD card.

Could you die? Seriously. I couldn't have found a more perfect card. I would have had to mold giant piles of raw beef to even come close.

Gratefully someone else handled the piles of beef for me.

Less than a week to Father's Day and I only have one more idea to share with you. So exciting!

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

Wonderful idea! =)
The apron is so cute.

Have a wonderful Summer!


SStockhoff said...

Love it! I think I know a Dad who may be getting a totally amateur looking one of those to go with the meat he will have to grill himself. :)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!

Mom...it will not look amateur! He will love it!

Corrie- said...

Haha, making your own meat letters, that cracked me up! Thank goodness you found that card. :) Mr. Z is going to have a great father's day, you have such fun ideas!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Corrie! I am pretty happy there was no meat molding!


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