Sep 18, 2013

Painted Clothes Pin Magnets

A Pinteresting Wednesday is here. A little Pinterest love...okay a lot of Pinterest love. One of umpteen million projects get crossed off the list.

Today I am sharing a simple, super functional, and quite lovely little project.

Painted Clothes Pin Magnets.

The original project I pinned was DIY Picture Clips for bulletin boards by Dotcoms For Moms. I pinned it onto my Projects to Do board.

Since I had clothes pins and paint, I busted this out the same day I pinned it. However, I don't have a bulletin board, so I decided to glue itty bitty magnets on instead.

I pulled out my amazing Martha Stewart craft paints...could you die over these colors. LUHVE.

I followed her instructions for the painting. Then I glued magnets on instead of thumbtacks. Make sure that the magnets you use are strong. Some little ones are not very strong. If you can't find any little ones, then you can cut magnet tape to the right size.

Now I can prettily display all my lovelies on my little magnet board...or better yet on my fridge!

Thanks Pinterest I love you.

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